Friday, March 26, 2010

week end

I hate it when I wake up tired. Seems that since we changed the clocks a while back, that is most assuredly the case for me many mornings.

Today I have a Friends meeting. Time for us to start gearing up for our BIG Spring Book Sale. This is always such a great time to see avid readers scooping up major bargains. Plus, I get to hang out with some of my favorite people for a few days straight. And, we know how to eat too...lunch is always a delight.

Middle kid's team won their first state league qualifying game last night. She started both halves, yeah!! Played well, made some good plays and came home with lots of mud and smiles.

Oldest kid gets back to work this weekend as the rec soccer season starts and she has three games to referee.

Youngest kid gets to hang with me and clean house!

Hope your weekend is a good one!

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