Thursday, March 25, 2010

winning the battle but might not win the war

Several years ago, shortly after we moved here, I got a case of poison ivy after weeding my back flower bed. Never in all of my years of tromping through the woods, carving out flower beds in the woods etc, did I ever get that rash. Leave it to find me in the middle of suburbia. Anyway, since that time I am super sensitive to plants and a mere scratch from the most harmless looking thing will give me itchy red bumps. A shower and an antihistamine clear it up quick, but the joy of gardening has been dampened.

I managed to get all of my flower beds weeded yesterday. It took me three hours of steady work. My legs, arms and even fingers are feeling the effort today. I defeated those weeds, so the day's battle is all mine! Plus, the good news is I didn't break out. Long sleeves and long gloves seemed to protect me from the itches. Yeah! Now, I just need to decide what to plant and where as I really need low care plants that choke out weeds quick.

Hmmm. Maybe today in the bookstore I can find a nice gardening book to spur some ideas.

Happy Thursday.

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