Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year

Happy New Year to all of you.....we woke to several inches of snow this morning. The trees are sugar coated with fluffy white stuff. Not sure if we received enough to change our plans as the navigator is still sleeping.

The kids would be happy to play in the yard.....she has a big yard and has invited them to jump all they want out there. They went sledding yesterday....with the Alps as a back drop. Scott said it was amazing. I opted to stay home and enjoy some quiet time, as did Patti. So, the ladies read books and the men took the "kinder" to the slopes.

May 2009 bring many good things to all of us.


Anne's BLOG said...

Such a wonderful description of your current venue! Fluffy white stuff -- sounds nice, but I'm glad we don't have any here.
Paul's family is due to land here shortly, having experienced delays on both legs of their flights home.

Kim Smith said...

Happy New year liz! I guess you all will be on the way home soon. cannot wait to see you!!

Kim Smith said...

ps--- i am nominated at the p and e poll!!