Friday, January 9, 2009

coffee and hairspray

Last night the oldest, who has a fascination with the 80's, asked me to pin curl her hair. So, I spent a bit of time sectioning wet hair, glopping on gel and twisting then rubber banding her head. This morning we undid all those 'knots' and ringlet curls fell to her shoulders. After a bit of tousling, tweaking and hairspray she has a passable 80's hairdo. She then told me that she loves the 80's and she loves London (although she has yet to visit there) and to be in the London in the 80's would have been awesome.

Of course I reminded her I was in London in the 80's. She shot me the hand signal which her father says stands for 'it is all about Liz'....index finger and thumb out on the left hand, which makes a passable letter 'L'.

I laughed and drank more coffee to clear the remnants of hairspray from my throat, glad the stuff we had on hand wasn't Aquanet!

She is at a fun age. We watch what to her are old movies like Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club. She likes to watch BBC shows with me. She's growing up into a fine young lady and that makes me so happy. She doesn't mind walking to her own drum beat on most days. Her self confidence level is higher than what I had at her age...I attribute most of that to playing sports, something I never did.

Some days being a mom is the hardest job on earth.....those days when you want to pull out hair and wail in frustration....other days being a mom is the best job on earth. Today I've got the best job.


Kim Smith said...

aww this makes me smile... you might know i got a text today that said "he might have just told me he might want to marry me someday" omg. Do I ever feel weird!!!!
Other news... I just submitted a contemporary romance to lea!

Liz said...

I bet you do feel weird..that is so cool in a very scary sort of way. Talk about leaving the nest!

Okay, fork over the draft for this cont. romance. NOW.