Tuesday, January 13, 2009

with age comes....

Had an interesting conversation with my neighbor yesterday that circled around to age. One of the things you realize as you hit forty is that life is too short to suffer fools. Not that you have to become a one woman army against idiocy, but when foolishness starts to creep into your life or your family's life, you tolerance level seems to decrease. She's ahead of the curve at 37 and is taking a few stands, rocking a few boats and not making 'nice' when it impacts what she feels is right for her family. With age comes experiences and with age also comes the knowledge your opinion holds more gravity.

Also with age, on a totally different note, comes dryers that don't dry as well. My old dryer that died while we were gone never dried quickly....which I have learned with the new GE dryer we purchased as a replacement. My laundry time has been cut in half as this new machine dries so fast that it keeps up with the washer! Unreal what a gift that has been already...worth every dime it cost to purchase it.

With age also comes the realization that while it took me only two weeks to gain six pounds, it will take me a month to take those pounds off. My metabolism is not quite turtle slow, but darn near close. Beyond walking to and from the school twice a day with the boy, I'm also walking with the dog four times a week to help rev up that internal engine. Although, you know what? Eating what I wanted to eat for two weeks was darn fun and those croissants, crepes and breads were soooooo good! I'll suffer for the next three weeks, but enjoy the memory of those fourteen days.

Also with age comes the important lesson of needs versus wants....as the economy slows down and money becomes tight everywhere, frugality is hitting a new high. We saved a long time for our trip, but yes, it was a want and not a need to go to Europe. So, hubby and I have set our budget for the next year and we are tightening our belts yet again. We saved for that trip and now we are saving just to be saving....with college looming for the kids and who knows what down the road, having a good nest egg is a major goal.

Just a few random thoughts this morning. Maybe it is the Folgers coffee instead of the Maxwell house I usually drink!


Anne's BLOG said...

Mountain grown instead of good to the last drop? I guess it might make a difference, but for me, coffee is coffee - and some is better than others.

Ah.. with age comes wisdom, or so they say. So with the passing of each decade, one becomes wiser and and more wise? It works for some. Or maybe it's the increasing awareness of life's fragility that sharpens the senses. What do you think?

I have remembered for years, the statement that former Middle School principal made to me at a PTA Founders Day Luncheon in the '70s. He said "I am so Tired of Mediocrity."
I wonder if Mr. Simpson ever found a solution to that problem, which seems to be the rule rather than the exception is too many cases.

Liz said...

I think you are right about the senses sharpening...clarity comes with age. You see things for what they are much quicker and tend to hone in on the important things in short order. I also think with age comes the knowledge of just how important it is to treasure the simple things in life, as they are the things that tend to last beyond the current fashion or trend....yep, that Folgers must have tweaked my brain circuits in a different way than the Maxwell House does:) I'm just full of 'it' today!!

Anne's BLOG said...

With age also comes understanding and, to a degree, tolerance and patience. And a greater appreciation for friends, family and the little things that make it all worthwhile.