Friday, January 16, 2009

new year and new appliances

I've already blogged about how the dryer was dead upon our arrival home from Europe. Yesterday the garage door opener decided to join the dryer in the appliance graveyard, or so it appears. Hubby managed to fiddle with it for a while, but depending on the cost of replacing the whole thing, getting a new one is probably going to happen this weekend.

Lovely how just as soon as we adopt a new budget things start to break...which breaks the budget right off the bat. Arghhh. The joys of home ownership.

It is extremely cold here this morning. My computer says it is all of 10 outside. The dog didn't take long doing his morning routine before he was back at the door whining to be let inside. It could always be worse. We could have the white stuff to go along with the arctic-like temps.

Not sure what I'm up to today. Guess it depends on the price of garage door openers.


Anonymous said...

When I think of budgeting I think the purpose is to build savings and being debt free from whatever (house loan, cars etc). So we always build in a "murphy" account into our budget. Dave Ramsey calls it the emergency fund but its usually do to Murphy's law- if something can go wrong it will.
So anyway, I feel your pain. We've tighten up considerably here and am waiting for our 1st Murphy event.

Liz said...

Yep, we just paid off our van and reset the budget to save that extra money....then we get to buy a new dryer and now a new garage opener. We have really tightened the budget although we do keep as you call it a "murphy-fund."

It is always something, just like Roseann Roseannadanna used to say!