Thursday, January 15, 2009

dante's girl

I'm always loathe to pan a book because I know how darn hard it is to write one and how much skill and luck comes into play to get one agented and published. So, although I found some good writing in "Dante's Girl" and some great one liners, the overall story didn't succeed for me on multiple levels.

I felt I needed a spreadsheet to keep track of the multiple plots and characters. The blurb on the back cover and the front didn't come into play until the last couple of pages of the story. For me, this was misleading. The story was told from as many POV's as there were characters. Lots of loose ends and plot holes in this one.

In short, the book was a messy read and while the overall idea of the story was okay, it just went in too many different directions to be good.

The sad thing is I think the protagonist, Kayla Steele, has promise. I just wish that instead of switching back and forth between plot lines and characters, the author could have told the whole story from Kayla's point of view. It would have made for a better and tighter read. If you get rid of all the extra stuff, the story is about how Kayla, after her boyfriend is murdered, learns about his werewolf hunting job. She is now on the their hit list because she may know about the 'big evil scheme.'

With so many good books out there, I don't think I will spend any more time with this series....and it was concluded so that a sequel is obvious.

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