Wednesday, January 21, 2009

dresses and frivolous stuff

I loved Michelle Obama's floated, it was soft and feminine and didn't look like she had a bunch of foundation wear under it, yes, I'm talking girdles and such. It was young and light and pretty. I loved that a young American designer created this confection.

I've heard some complaining about the cost of the festivities in such a difficult economic time. When money is so tight, why have such huge parties? I also heard that cost cutting was in evidence as some balls didn't have chairs for guests to sit on and drinks had to be purchased then were served in plastic cups. Hey, you control costs where you can.

I think the nation needed a party even if the vast majority of us couldn't attend. It is important to celebrate any transition in power. It is important to give folks the opportunity to be happy and to for a few fleeting moments push aside the hard work ahead and enjoy the moment.

All work and no play does make Jack a dull boy. We are going to have years of tough times ahead and for one night to be able to focus on frivolous things like pretty white dresses and pop stars singing Etta James classics is okay.

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Anne's BLOG said...

Yes, Michelle's dress was lovely. I wondered why she kept tugging at the back, until I saw the full-length picture. Oh! That 'train' would have been somewhat in the way.
I agree that the expense was enormous but necessary to lift the spirits of the nation. Economizing is vital, but not for that event.