Saturday, January 3, 2009

departing for home

We had a wonderful end to our stay in Bavaria. On New Year's Day we took a drive to Oberammergau which is a delightful small town filled with decoratively painted stores and homes. The buildings are decorated with murals and other painting techniques. The region is well known for their woodcarving and we stumbled upon a store that was open after we had lunch at one of the few restaurants open on that holiday. They celebrate New Year's like it is the 4th of July...quite a big celebration. Anyway, we purchased a small Madonna and child statue, just lovely and I can't wait to find a special spot for it once we return home.

Yesterday we took the drive down into Austria and went up the Zugspitz, which is the highest peak in that portion of the Alps. You take a gondola ride up and let me tell you, my stomach did a few flops and twists. We had lunch in the cafeteria at the summit....and took lots of pictures from what felt like the top of the world. It was unreal, beautiful, awe-inspiring...I've never been so high off the earth and still been actually on the earth! You could see skiers a ways down the mountian and they looked like ants. The sky was so clear blue and it was so cold....just a really neat experience for all of us.

We drove back to Fussen and had dinner at San Marco's Restaurant. It was so yummy...and Julia had her picture taken with the very cute Italian-Bavarian waiter...the son of the owner....funny story with that:)

So, we packed up and drove home today. It took way longer than it should have as we ran into a lot of traffic and were delayed in several areas. Long day. We are packed and ready to leave early in the morning for the drive to Frankfurt and our flights. Hope all goes smoothly and we don't run into any delays in Amsterdam.    

We have had an amazing two weeks here. I think the girls have been changed forever by this exposure to life outside the USA. It has been a real eye opening experience for them to see how other people live and to experience so many different types of regions.  I think I have given them the travel bug. They are already planning their next trip....they both want to go to Italy! 

Scott has taken over 1000 photos....we will have a lot of work to do with them once we return home.

Off to bed for us.....everyone is ready for tomorrow and our long journey home.  

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Anne's BLOG said...

What a wonderful wrapup of a wonderful two weeks in Europe, Liz!
I know it will be hard to come back down to earth, but maybe you all will - someday.
Paul & family got home Thursday night (delays on both legs of their flights), and today we went over to view about 600 pictures of their adventure in Paris on his laptop...and he doesn't even have Jessie's pictures on it yet. What a lovely visit!
Paul saw the FedEx truck unloading four big crates at the Library today, so the White House Gardens are on schedule !
Can't wait to see you and hear more! Maybe you can schedule a 'viewing' for your trip pics sometime? :-)