Thursday, January 22, 2009

the theme for the week is dresses

The fancy dress theme is lingering this week. The oldest announced that she finally decided to attend the winter fest dance. I rolled my eyes and sighed as I knew what was coming next. I hate going to the mall and we'd just had the big discussion about want versus need. She caught on quickly and said she'd wear a dress from a prior event. She tried it on and while it fit, she didn't have that happy, silly grin on her face that only 'the dress' can provide.

I told her to get a pair of heels out of my closet and those helped a bit. Then I remembered a dress buried in the back, hanging in a garment bag. Now, this is the daughter who is into all things old and retro. She likes vintage. I pulled out the bag and revealed a dress I wore in 1991. I'd spent a small fortune on the black and white number and wore it once. I'd also loaned it once to a coworker who took it on a cruise.

She tried it on and although it is a tad bit big, gosh was I skinny in those days, it looked amazing on her. She squealed. Her eyes lit up. She grinned. She twirled....she looooooved it.

So, she's now set to attend the dance in an 18 year old dress from Hudson's. She's excited and I've got that funny lump in my throat that means I'm being either way too sentimental or my oldest is really and truly growing up and there isn't a darn thing I can do about it.


Kim Smith said...

Awww... how neat :)
Sarah has a new puppy and I feel like a grandma.

Liz said...

Grammie suits you!!!