Monday, January 12, 2009

into the groove

Last week provided the perfect transition time into our usual routine. This week, the soccer begins again for both girls and we have a science project as well as a pine box derby car to work on for the boy.....Can you say Zero to Sixty?

Over the weekend we managed to upload a good assortment of vacation photos to my facebook page as well as to the oldest daughter's page. Yes, I finally caved and set one up for her, which I can of course monitor when ever I want. It has been fun to share our trip with so many friends and family members.

Today I am off to the library to work on restocking the store. We were shopped by a used book dealer on Saturday afternoon and he basically cleaned us out of paperbacks and even took a good three dozen hardbacks. I will be busy with that for a bit. I also need to talk to our library director about the Friends buying ad space to promote the WHG exhibit. And I need to finalize our first ever annual report.

On the home front I need to make a shopping trip to restock the pantry, plan meals for the month, clean the house and get the laundry going.

Just a few things to do today. Vacation can't last forever!

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Anne's BLOG said...

Back down to earth in mach speed, huh?
Ah---pinewood derby time. I still have a collection of our three sons' cars..all carefully crafted by young Cubs. Such memories!