Tuesday, January 26, 2016

short stories

For some reason, when I see a short story collection on the shelf (real or virtual) I hesitate to borrow or buy it. I like novels. Always have. But, when I had the chance to borrow Neil Gaiman's "Trigger Warning," I took it. I'm so very glad I did. I'm only about half way through the stories, but I've been so thoroughly entertained by the stories and as always, wonderfully in awe of his writing.

This was another title on the list I found that I can't seem to locate now. Blerg.

In other news, I'm 7th in line for the new Karen Marie Moning title. That should give me time to finish the Gaiman book as well as the other two I have on hold.

And, Nerissa awaits as well. One of these days my TBR pile will be manageable. Happy Tuesday.

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