Wednesday, January 6, 2016

new attitude

Do you remember the song, "I've Got a New Attitude"? While browsing in Sprouts on Monday afternoon, that song was being played. It always makes me chuckle to hear the music that particular grocery store chooses to have playing in the background. I don't believe I've every heard a song in their that predates the mid 70's or is more current than the early 90's. Certain songs must improve fruit and veggie sales!

Music isn't the point of this post. New attitudes abound at work, for the moment. With the new year, new opportunities have arrived. Everyone seems to be a little more upbeat, a little more engaged, and a little more tolerant. Except for my manager. He's struggling. The mama in me wants to give him advice. He admitted he has the back to work blues. He took 2 weeks off like I did. But, after finishing his MBA last year, I really expected him to launch a more aggressive job search. He didn't. He's been in his job for over 10 years and really has no place to move inside the organization. If he wants a new job, it will be beyond our building and with a different company.

Would it be good for me if he left? I really don't know. I'm not interested in that job. I don't want the stress. But, part of what makes my job so enjoyable is working for him. Yet, a new person could bring new energy and would shake things up a bit. That could be good or bad.

Ugh. Time will tell.

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