Thursday, January 7, 2016

almost friday

Thursday is here! Yeah. A few quick updates as I'm feeling a bit fuzzy headed this morning. I think my body is trying quite hard to fight off the crud that is lingering in my house and at the office.

The coffee is tasting really good this morning.
The oven baked fajitas last night were a big hit and both girls asked how to make them.
I'm almost finished with my second book of the new year.
We're all going out Saturday for a final Christmas break dinner before the ladies head back to school.
The March magazine is finally coming together. Whew. Huge sigh of relief.
The new towels I ordered all arrived and I'm quite pleased. The big switch out will happen this weekend.

And, that is it. It felt good to be back blogging/journaling to kick off 2016. See you Monday.

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