Monday, January 18, 2016

best book list

I really wish I could remember where I found the list of the best sci-fi/fantasy books for 2015. Bookbub? Goodreads? ALA? UGH! When I found it, I went to the library's online portal and reserved every one that tweaked my fancy. From the dozen or so titles, I put holds on 5. I'm reading my second one at the moment. I have read Rachel Caine before, but she has really hit it out of the park with "Ink and Bone." What if the Great Library in Alexandria never burned? What if it became the political, social, and policing power of the world? I really enjoyed this book. I found it to be very fresh, an original concept. Seems so rare to find a plot that isn't a rehash.

At the moment I'm reading Lila Bowen's "Wake of Vultures." This was another title on the recommendation list. Good Stuff. I'm going to be very spoiled when I work my way through all of these excellent novels. Again, this novel is quite captivating, fresh, and original.

I have today off for MLK Day. After a few things around the house, I need to run over and finally purchase something to put in the hanging basket by the foyer. A soccer ball perched in the ceramic pot isn't working for me anymore and the Christmas poinsettia is long gone. After that chore is finished, I will be brewing a big pot of tea and snuggling under a quilt and reading the day away.

What fun!!

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