Monday, January 25, 2016

my second 3 day weekend

With the holiday last Monday for MLK and the bit of snow we received on Friday, I wound up with a 3 day work week! Yes, we had Friday off. The projected 4-6 inches did not fall in Memphis. In fact, the streets stayed clear. A bit of freezing on some overpasses, but nothing that caused any wrecks. The grass did get covered, sort of, but our snow was very disappointing. The meteorologists had, what they call, a busted forecast. I guess a big patch of very dry air descended and basically zapped the snow making potential of the front for us.

The Memphis weather dome held strong. Boooooo. I really wanted some real snow. I sort of felt a bit jealous seeing the photos of the east coast. Sort of. I only wanted the snow for a few days, then winter can go away.

Picky. I know.

February is usually the month we get some winter weather and we have had decent snowfalls during that month. So, hope springs eternal.

Lisa, back when we lived in South Bend, IN. we rarely had snow days. They too, like your neck of the woods, were very equipped for snow. But, when the lake effect snow machine kicked in and the winds whipped those flakes around, the drifting would be quite impressive. That would cancel activities for the kids, but I think I only recall a few times that business shut down. That would have been the Blizzards of 78-79-80. Those monster storms dropped feet of snow. I remember my Dad opening our garage and a wall of snow greeted us.

Happy Monday!

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