Tuesday, January 5, 2016

mad for plaid

A story ran in yesterday's paper about plaid. Plaid is the new "shade" for designers. Hmmmm. Considering the amount of plaid shirts in my house, the pattern has always been a thing for us. I made the mistake of pinning a plaid wallpapered hallway on Pinterest. Of course, now every other pin that shows up features a plaid something. The suggestion pins can be quite humorous at times. I wonder if I pin a bare-chested man in a plaid kilt just how many others will magically appear?

I've always been quite mad for plaid. Black Watch is my long running favorite. Decades ago I had a knife pleat Black Watch plaid wool skirt. LL Bean sold this particular one, and it made that first trip to London with me. I loved that skirt. If they started selling them today, I'd buy another.

At current count, I have the following, all in Black Watch: a cashmere scarf (my splurge in London last March), a pair of flats, a long sleeve blouse, and a men's long sleeve flannel shirt.

I do think I need that skirt. Again.