Monday, September 30, 2013

rainy monday

It is going to be a rainy Monday. Good thing I made those pumpkin scones yesterday. While we were out to lunch on Friday, we stopped in at The Fresh Market for dessert. They had their pumpkin scone mix on sale. I bought two boxes after my coworkers suggested scones might be a good way to start off Monday.

I think we will need them today!

I'm off to walk the dog. It is just misting now, so that isn't too bad. And the hubby bought me a new flashlight while he was at Home Depot yesterday buying sheetrock. But why he needed to buy sheetrock on Sunday is a story for tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

dining out

We have a running joke at work. Four of us, my entire department and one PhD from the education department, have lunch together at least once a week. If it has been a crazy week, we sneak out for an extra day. I love to eat outside. I figure it is a double bonus. We get out of the building and we get some 'fresh' air. The air quality is questionable as most of the outdoor eating patios are bordered by parking lots, but we take what we can get.

One of our group always has to check the temperature and the humidity level before we leave to see if we can truly eat outside or if we need to be inside and enjoy the air conditioning. They joke that it could be 100 and 90% humidity and I'd still want to eat outside. They are probably right. I prefer restaurants with outdoor dining. It gives us options!

There are days at work that I can hardly wait to get out of that building! I love it when we can walk on our break if we are staying there for lunch. So, I'm extremely glad that the Fall weather is arriving and we can do that more often than not.

I do enjoy our little circle of friends and we have a good time together whether we are away from the office or stuck inside. But, having lunch out on a patio, like we did yesterday makes everything better!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The youngest has acquired his first suit. Just like we had to provide equipment for the girls when they were getting ready to do battle on the pitch, we had to outfit the boy for his first appearance on the stage. On Saturday the forensics team travels to another small town for their first tournament of the season.

It took three tries for the store to get the tailoring right, but the manager made it right in the end and even through in a free bow tie for our trouble.

Of course hubby realized he needed a new suit, or two, while sorting out the boy's suit problems. He was actually a very savvy shopper and got all three suits on clearance. Considering the hubby hadn't bought a suit in over 15 years, I guess he was due for a wardrobe upgrade.

Excited for this first tournament and how this new 'sport/competition' will work for all of us.

And parents are encouraged to learn how to judge! Think I will give that a whirl as well.

Wednesday!! Yeah!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Sunday morning I was the first one up in our little A-frame cabin at the hunting lodge. I found some coffee and brewed a pot. I had to drink it black, but I needed that jolt of caffeine, so I was happy just to have the hot beverage and didn't miss the milk too much.

While I sipped I was able to stand and watch the deer coming out of the woods to have breakfast. The gentleman who owns Stonehill feeds the deer herd on his property. He estimates he has about 100 deer and puts out about 120 pounds of feed a day.

The sun was just starting to get above the tree line and the metal roofs were 'smoking' as the sunshine hit the dew. First to wander out was a medium sized buck, he looked to have about 8 points on his rack. Then along came a doe. They stayed for a bit and then moved back into the trees. Next came a larger buck, he had a larger rack. I'd guess about 12 points. He was big! But as majestic as he was, and as bold as he was, the best was yet to come.

A wonderful, mature doe stepped out with one baby and then another. They were very cautious and careful. They moved very deliberately through the clearing, a few yards at a time, freezing in place every so often. Finally the slow pace got the best of one of the babies and he scampered around playing, long legs flying!

Last time I was there, when it was just the hubby and I, I didn't see any deer. I was treated to a special viewing on Sunday to see so many at once.

I think I could stay in that little A frame for a week and just sit and watch the clearing. They have wild turkey too out there and I'd love to see a flock of them.

It was a wonderfully relaxed bit of time for me. Quiet. Cool. Fresh air. Perfect.

Monday, September 23, 2013

what a weekend

It was over a 1,000 mile road trip, but we did it and had a wonderful time visiting with our girls. This is one tired Mom today, so this is going to be it for a post. I need coffee and allergy that order.

Have a great Monday.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

my friday

Today is my Friday as far as work is concerned. We are all going a bit nuts at work right now. The prep work for the national meeting is winding down in some respects, but it has taken its toll on our sanity. The final program is the last piece to complete and it is a major headache for all involved.

We have a phone interview set up today with a NIH vet about working with disabled employees. Maybe feature story material, but we won't know for sure until we talk to him.

The December magazine is coming together. Yeah.

I watched guilty pleasure TV last night and didn't do any reading. I also did the laundry. Tonight we need to pack for tomorrow and our early morning departure. The Target run was successful and I also picked up the game day tee shirts for the girls. They are cute.

Off I go! Got to get ready to walk the dog and hopefully we will both be more alert so we don't stumble across an armadillo like we did yesterday. Although after that, my heart rate was nicely elevated!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

delivery system

The girls have quite the delivery system in place. Of course, this is with my full cooperation and frankly it is sort of fun.  As we are going to visit both of them this weekend...yes, I'm still dreading all those miles..I asked them if they needed anything from home.

Home, I guess, means Target. Now, neither of them have cars at school and the Target stores in both towns are not within walking distance. I don't even know if a bus runs there, so I am going to do their shopping.

Well, I have quite a Target list to procure now. I was able to 'shop' the linen closet for some things. That was a nice treat.

One thing I can't get at Target is a new Black Diamond Ball dress for the oldest. She has three big tests this week and doesn't have time to go dress shopping live or online. She asked if I would send her links to possible dresses. Sure. Okay. Done. Five dresses selected, links emailed, go for it!

Not quite the same as spending time with them at the mall or at our local Target, but I will take it.

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!!!

It is my Mom's birthday today! Happy Birthday, Mom!! Hope you have a lovely day. Love you!!

The abbreviated post yesterday was due to the fact I overslept. Today I'm up way too early, but it is better than running late all morning. Not sure what is going on. I guess I'm getting ready for the time change!

I finished the King Arthur book I commented on a few days back. It was a decent read, but I don't think I will search out the others in the series/trilogy. Now I'm reading some urban fantasy book I downloaded and it is pretty awful. But, I'm going to finish it. Blech.

We are very excited to see our girls this weekend and I have a Target run I need to make to get a few things they are requesting. I also had to go through the younger daughter's closet and dresser....that was a challenge. She had left a few things behind that she now wants. Needle. Haystack. #Waytoomuchstuff.

And that is what is happening in my neck of the woods.

Happy Birthday, one more time, Mom!! xoxo

Monday, September 16, 2013

oops, running late

Overslept! No post today!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

king arthur the jerk

I'm reading a book I downloaded on a free book Friday. It is another retelling of the Arthur story, but this time, he is cast as quite the jerk! I'm reading along and thinking of the Arthurian legends class I took during my sophomore year of college. What a fun semester.

The books I placed on hold at the library aren't available yet. Hmmmm. We do have some things to do this weekend, but it would be nice if those two titles were to be returned.

Speaking of library matters, I will be working the preview night sale for the Friends in October. I may take the youngest with me as he needs service hours.

That is all for this Thursday. A quick week! Next week Thursday will be my Friday as we are all set for our big trip to see both girls in one weekend. Lots of miles and I hope lots of smiles!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It is a very sad thing when an event happens that sears itself into not only your memory, but the memory of a nation.

Countries and their citizens suffer through events like that. Our country has, perhaps because of its relative youth, a few of those events. In modern times:  Pearl Harbor. JFK's assassination. September 11.

We tend to know exactly what we were doing when tragedy strikes.

I was unloading the van after a trip to the grocery store. A simple mundane activity that I've done thousands of times, but that one time I'll never forget.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

sticky mornings, begone!

Last week it was so pleasant to take the dog for his morning walk. It was cool. The sky was clear. The stars were out in full force. Lovely weather.

This week, not so much. It is sticky, muggy, overcast, and yucky.  We had a pop up shower yesterday just as my colleague and I were heading to Stein Mart to purchase something for her to wear to an academic conference she is attending in October. She has just started her PhD work in early modern literature at the local university. At this conference she will be presenting a paper and needed something spiffy to wear.

We found her an adorable kelly green jacket/blazer with big black buttons and a very cute black and white polka dot shell with a draped neckline to wear. She has some nice black trousers and some great shoes/belt to finish the outfit.  It was fun to shop for her and she got a great deal on the two pieces she bought. I think her bill was about $50. Score!

But, back to the weather.....the only good thing about the rain coming when it did yesterday was that our yard people had just sprayed the fertilizer so it was washed into the grass at the perfect time.

Looking at the forecast, I do see cooler temps ahead. I'm eager for jeans and sweaters to return. I keep seeing all these cute cool weather clothes being pinned on Pinterest and I'm still trying to get a few more wears out of my summer things. I need to do a purging of some of those tops at the end of this season. They've been in the rotation for a few years now and are starting to show their wear.

I  may have to go shopping for me and see what I can find on the clearance rack for next year!

Off we is Tuesday. Yep. All. Day. Long.

Monday, September 9, 2013


I've finished the three books I checked out from the library a few weeks back. I rather enjoyed all three of them, although I have to admit that I skimmed the second one in order to finish it. Just wasn't my cup of tea, but the story wasn't bad.

Susanna Kearsley's "The Firebird" was interesting, but moved quite slowly at times. It was the one I wound up skimming. The novel had two plots in it, the one in the present and then the one in the past that the psychic main characters could watch like a movie. The book just didn't have a lot of action.

The last book was a recent addition to the Ursula Blanchard mystery series. I love this series by Fiona Buckley and have been reading it for years. Ursula is a bastard sister to Elizabeth I and the queen's spy when covert things need to be done. She has an odd assortment of comrades to help her along the way. These books are always fun to read.

I'm finishing up some books I loaded on my Nook and in a moment of weakness I purchased two books for the Nook from the $2.99 and under section online at B&N.

So, that is how I spent my weekend. Lots of reading.

Monday, here you are again. Howdy.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

the lunchroom

We have a fairly large breakroom at the office. The only thing it lacks is a stove, but it does have two microwaves, a full sink, and a full sized side-by-side fridge/freezer. It also has a very large table with seating for twelve.

I seldom eat in there. First, the chairs need to be cleaned. They are upholstered and frankly, gross. Also, I usually do some exercise on my lunch break, if I'm not out running errands, so I eat in my cubicle. Yesterday our boss walked with us, so when we got back, he wanted to eat in the kitchen instead of at our desks. Fine. I was happy to take a few extra minutes away from the abstracts I was setting to style.

While we were there, a rather random conversation came up about dream vacations. One gal said she wants to take her daughter to Greece. I mentioned a trip to England for me and the hubby.

Then a gal from another department said she doesn't have any dreams or goals, she just tries to get through each day.


The room fell silent, that awkward "I don't know what to say to that" silence. The Greek vacation gal, began to ramble on again about her dream trip. Then a new crew of folks wandered in, the no dream/goal gal gathered her things and left.

My department talked about it once we were back in our area. Now, this woman is a bit nuts. She is very passive-aggressive and I've had her go a bit crazy on me twice in the two years I've been working there. Once over a frog video and once over who I sat with at lunch.

Yet even though we know she is a bit off, we all felt sad that she would say to a room full of people that she has no dreams or goals.

I've always had dreams, goals, hopes. They've changed over time, been adjusted and modified, but they are still there.

My boss said she could have just said that to have the exact effect she did. He thinks she is that nuts. Who knows, but it was a moment for me to think about my plans for the future and to recommit to them!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

changing course

Over the past couple of months I've been taking one route for Duke's walk. We reverse it on alternating days, but it is a route we both enjoy. Lots of things for him to sniff, and a bit of a woodsy area for me to enjoy.

It is too dark now! The path isn't lit and my night vision sucks, so we have to change our ways.

He was quite confused yesterday when I didn't turn to head up the path and instead crossed the street and headed back down from where we had come from.

We are all creatures of habit. I read somewhere to that begin a new healthy habit you have to stay at it for 8 weeks. Two months. Hmmm.  I would suspect that is true. It may take longer for some. I do know I enjoy walking him for the 15-20 minutes each morning and when I missed a day last week, I felt out of sorts all day. Didn't quite have the energy I usually have.

We are settling into a new routine here at home now as well. The girls have been gone for over a month in the oldest's case and now 3 weeks in the middle kid's case.

A new normal has become a bit more comfortable.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

no rest for the wicked

This was not a restful weekend, but we did TONS of things! The master bath is now repainted. A new valance has been hung. New towels were purchased. It looks pretty spiffy! That room is a pain in the butt to paint with five doorways and enough trim work to drive anyone insane.

But, it is complete now except for touching up some of the trim pieces that need a fresh coat of Swiss White.

Hubby fixed all three toilets, they were making weird noises. He replaced our mailbox. He fixed the front door and garage door deadbolts. And he smoked a Boston butt roast! Looks like we will have pulled pork for dinner tonight!

I did laundry, did a bit of grocery shopping, and even found a few minutes to read a book.

Last night we had a nice cookout/visit with the neighbors and some friends of theirs from church.

So, it is back to work for us today, but it is a short week. Not too bad.

Monday, September 2, 2013


We are going to sit down and figure out just when we will make road trips to visit the darling daughters this fall. Football schedules come into play as do Speech/Debate tournament schedules, our meager social life schedule, and my work schedule.

It is amazing to know that the weekends we have available are quite limited. We also have to figure out who will watch the dog as our neighbors travel on Fall Break and are not available for two weekends. We could try and hire a high school kid to stay with him for a long weekend. Hmmm. Things to ponder.

Hubby wants to do a big roadtrip visit and see both girls in one long weekend. We'd leave here on a Thursday after I finish work, head south to the oldest kid's school. Visit with her on Friday (she has a light schedule), then on Saturday mid-morning drive north to the middle kid's school. Stay there Saturday night and visit with her and then head home Sunday after breakfast. Sounds like a lot of time in the car, which is not my favorite thing.

I'm sure we will come up with a plan!

Happy Monday and Enjoy your Labor Day!