Thursday, September 19, 2013

my friday

Today is my Friday as far as work is concerned. We are all going a bit nuts at work right now. The prep work for the national meeting is winding down in some respects, but it has taken its toll on our sanity. The final program is the last piece to complete and it is a major headache for all involved.

We have a phone interview set up today with a NIH vet about working with disabled employees. Maybe feature story material, but we won't know for sure until we talk to him.

The December magazine is coming together. Yeah.

I watched guilty pleasure TV last night and didn't do any reading. I also did the laundry. Tonight we need to pack for tomorrow and our early morning departure. The Target run was successful and I also picked up the game day tee shirts for the girls. They are cute.

Off I go! Got to get ready to walk the dog and hopefully we will both be more alert so we don't stumble across an armadillo like we did yesterday. Although after that, my heart rate was nicely elevated!

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