Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Sunday morning I was the first one up in our little A-frame cabin at the hunting lodge. I found some coffee and brewed a pot. I had to drink it black, but I needed that jolt of caffeine, so I was happy just to have the hot beverage and didn't miss the milk too much.

While I sipped I was able to stand and watch the deer coming out of the woods to have breakfast. The gentleman who owns Stonehill feeds the deer herd on his property. He estimates he has about 100 deer and puts out about 120 pounds of feed a day.

The sun was just starting to get above the tree line and the metal roofs were 'smoking' as the sunshine hit the dew. First to wander out was a medium sized buck, he looked to have about 8 points on his rack. Then along came a doe. They stayed for a bit and then moved back into the trees. Next came a larger buck, he had a larger rack. I'd guess about 12 points. He was big! But as majestic as he was, and as bold as he was, the best was yet to come.

A wonderful, mature doe stepped out with one baby and then another. They were very cautious and careful. They moved very deliberately through the clearing, a few yards at a time, freezing in place every so often. Finally the slow pace got the best of one of the babies and he scampered around playing, long legs flying!

Last time I was there, when it was just the hubby and I, I didn't see any deer. I was treated to a special viewing on Sunday to see so many at once.

I think I could stay in that little A frame for a week and just sit and watch the clearing. They have wild turkey too out there and I'd love to see a flock of them.

It was a wonderfully relaxed bit of time for me. Quiet. Cool. Fresh air. Perfect.

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