Tuesday, September 3, 2013

no rest for the wicked

This was not a restful weekend, but we did TONS of things! The master bath is now repainted. A new valance has been hung. New towels were purchased. It looks pretty spiffy! That room is a pain in the butt to paint with five doorways and enough trim work to drive anyone insane.

But, it is complete now except for touching up some of the trim pieces that need a fresh coat of Swiss White.

Hubby fixed all three toilets, they were making weird noises. He replaced our mailbox. He fixed the front door and garage door deadbolts. And he smoked a Boston butt roast! Looks like we will have pulled pork for dinner tonight!

I did laundry, did a bit of grocery shopping, and even found a few minutes to read a book.

Last night we had a nice cookout/visit with the neighbors and some friends of theirs from church.

So, it is back to work for us today, but it is a short week. Not too bad.

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Lisa Shafer said...

My weekend was a little like that, too. :)