Monday, September 9, 2013


I've finished the three books I checked out from the library a few weeks back. I rather enjoyed all three of them, although I have to admit that I skimmed the second one in order to finish it. Just wasn't my cup of tea, but the story wasn't bad.

Susanna Kearsley's "The Firebird" was interesting, but moved quite slowly at times. It was the one I wound up skimming. The novel had two plots in it, the one in the present and then the one in the past that the psychic main characters could watch like a movie. The book just didn't have a lot of action.

The last book was a recent addition to the Ursula Blanchard mystery series. I love this series by Fiona Buckley and have been reading it for years. Ursula is a bastard sister to Elizabeth I and the queen's spy when covert things need to be done. She has an odd assortment of comrades to help her along the way. These books are always fun to read.

I'm finishing up some books I loaded on my Nook and in a moment of weakness I purchased two books for the Nook from the $2.99 and under section online at B&N.

So, that is how I spent my weekend. Lots of reading.

Monday, here you are again. Howdy.

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