Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The youngest has acquired his first suit. Just like we had to provide equipment for the girls when they were getting ready to do battle on the pitch, we had to outfit the boy for his first appearance on the stage. On Saturday the forensics team travels to another small town for their first tournament of the season.

It took three tries for the store to get the tailoring right, but the manager made it right in the end and even through in a free bow tie for our trouble.

Of course hubby realized he needed a new suit, or two, while sorting out the boy's suit problems. He was actually a very savvy shopper and got all three suits on clearance. Considering the hubby hadn't bought a suit in over 15 years, I guess he was due for a wardrobe upgrade.

Excited for this first tournament and how this new 'sport/competition' will work for all of us.

And parents are encouraged to learn how to judge! Think I will give that a whirl as well.

Wednesday!! Yeah!!

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