Tuesday, September 10, 2013

sticky mornings, begone!

Last week it was so pleasant to take the dog for his morning walk. It was cool. The sky was clear. The stars were out in full force. Lovely weather.

This week, not so much. It is sticky, muggy, overcast, and yucky.  We had a pop up shower yesterday just as my colleague and I were heading to Stein Mart to purchase something for her to wear to an academic conference she is attending in October. She has just started her PhD work in early modern literature at the local university. At this conference she will be presenting a paper and needed something spiffy to wear.

We found her an adorable kelly green jacket/blazer with big black buttons and a very cute black and white polka dot shell with a draped neckline to wear. She has some nice black trousers and some great shoes/belt to finish the outfit.  It was fun to shop for her and she got a great deal on the two pieces she bought. I think her bill was about $50. Score!

But, back to the weather.....the only good thing about the rain coming when it did yesterday was that our yard people had just sprayed the fertilizer so it was washed into the grass at the perfect time.

Looking at the forecast, I do see cooler temps ahead. I'm eager for jeans and sweaters to return. I keep seeing all these cute cool weather clothes being pinned on Pinterest and I'm still trying to get a few more wears out of my summer things. I need to do a purging of some of those tops at the end of this season. They've been in the rotation for a few years now and are starting to show their wear.

I  may have to go shopping for me and see what I can find on the clearance rack for next year!

Off we go...it is Tuesday. Yep. All. Day. Long.

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