Thursday, September 12, 2013

king arthur the jerk

I'm reading a book I downloaded on a free book Friday. It is another retelling of the Arthur story, but this time, he is cast as quite the jerk! I'm reading along and thinking of the Arthurian legends class I took during my sophomore year of college. What a fun semester.

The books I placed on hold at the library aren't available yet. Hmmmm. We do have some things to do this weekend, but it would be nice if those two titles were to be returned.

Speaking of library matters, I will be working the preview night sale for the Friends in October. I may take the youngest with me as he needs service hours.

That is all for this Thursday. A quick week! Next week Thursday will be my Friday as we are all set for our big trip to see both girls in one weekend. Lots of miles and I hope lots of smiles!!

1 comment:

Kim Smith said...

Girl! Take your vitamins...all that travel and change in surroundings, sleep,eat etc. -- always ends up(for me) in a cold.

Have a great one!