Wednesday, September 18, 2013

delivery system

The girls have quite the delivery system in place. Of course, this is with my full cooperation and frankly it is sort of fun.  As we are going to visit both of them this weekend...yes, I'm still dreading all those miles..I asked them if they needed anything from home.

Home, I guess, means Target. Now, neither of them have cars at school and the Target stores in both towns are not within walking distance. I don't even know if a bus runs there, so I am going to do their shopping.

Well, I have quite a Target list to procure now. I was able to 'shop' the linen closet for some things. That was a nice treat.

One thing I can't get at Target is a new Black Diamond Ball dress for the oldest. She has three big tests this week and doesn't have time to go dress shopping live or online. She asked if I would send her links to possible dresses. Sure. Okay. Done. Five dresses selected, links emailed, go for it!

Not quite the same as spending time with them at the mall or at our local Target, but I will take it.

Happy Wednesday!!

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