Thursday, September 26, 2013

dining out

We have a running joke at work. Four of us, my entire department and one PhD from the education department, have lunch together at least once a week. If it has been a crazy week, we sneak out for an extra day. I love to eat outside. I figure it is a double bonus. We get out of the building and we get some 'fresh' air. The air quality is questionable as most of the outdoor eating patios are bordered by parking lots, but we take what we can get.

One of our group always has to check the temperature and the humidity level before we leave to see if we can truly eat outside or if we need to be inside and enjoy the air conditioning. They joke that it could be 100 and 90% humidity and I'd still want to eat outside. They are probably right. I prefer restaurants with outdoor dining. It gives us options!

There are days at work that I can hardly wait to get out of that building! I love it when we can walk on our break if we are staying there for lunch. So, I'm extremely glad that the Fall weather is arriving and we can do that more often than not.

I do enjoy our little circle of friends and we have a good time together whether we are away from the office or stuck inside. But, having lunch out on a patio, like we did yesterday makes everything better!

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