Monday, November 4, 2013

airplane reading

I did do quite a bit of reading while I was away. My internal clock was all messed up due to the time change and then all of those hours spent in the airport allowed some Nook time.

I read "Notorious Nineteen" by Janet Evanovich and "The Age of Miracles" by Karen Thompson Walker. Happy to say I enjoyed both novels.

Evanovich has been writing about Jersey girl, Stephanie Plum, for years now and I was happy to see that last year's entry into the series had an actual mystery to solve and plenty of tension between Stephanie and Ranger. Fun stuff. As one librarian told me years ago, this series is like crack for the brain. Or, it is like eating a whole bag of Doritos by yourself. Guilty pleasure on paper. I tried to restrain  myself from laughing out loud at some of the scenes, especially the ones with Lulu. She is still a hoot and a half.

The Walker novel was a very different book than I expected. It features a middle school protagonist, but is not a YA dystopian novel. It is most definitely geared towards the adult literary fiction market in my opinion. Now, that being said, older YA readers would enjoy it. This is beautifully and hauntingly written in parts. It gets under your skin and makes you think not only about relationships, but also how we managed them as children and how we need to manage them as adults.

I'm now reading "The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic" by Emily Croy Barker. I have a love/hate relationship with this book. I have yet to 'like' any of the characters, but am loathe to put the book down and not finish it. Character like-ability is an interesting thing. A character can be thoroughly rotten and I will find myself still liking them and cheering for them because they are so interesting. But, with this book, I feel a bit detached from all of the characters. Hmm. Will have to see what the next 200 pages brings.

Off into Monday we go! It feels an hour later than it actually is, but the time change thing always messes with me for a week or so. And on the heels of a trip involving a time change, my internal clock is totally messed up.


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