Wednesday, November 20, 2013

magazine time

We are in a crunch. The December issue of the magazine was scheduled to go to the printers today. Well, that won't be happening as we just got the final files for the features.

We layout out some pages, our contract graphic designer lays out some pages, and then the company we hired to create the 'look' of the magazine layouts out some pages.

All the pieces/files are now in the office and we have to merge them. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that our designer will have merged the files for us last night. She sometimes does super nice things like that for us. Merging all those pages is a pain in the A$$. Last time my boss and I royally messed it up and she had to fix it all. So, maybe she will just do it for us on the front end.

Then it is time to proof. Argh. Make sure everything is set to style. Argh. I swear gremlins get in those files once I import the Word docs into InDesign and they mess things up. Spaces show up that weren't there before. Punctuation marks move. The list is endless.

So, that is what I have to look forward to today. And instead of taking a week to get this sucker ready to go, we have 2 days. It really needs to be out the door come Friday morning.

Let's hope we can get March ready earlier and out the door on time. I don't like being late. Not one bit.

Yep. It is Wednesday. Argh.

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