Wednesday, November 13, 2013

becoming brigid

I started reading Lisa Shafer's "Becoming Brigid" last night, and if I wouldn't have had laundry to do, dinner to cook, and my hubby to chat with, I probably would have kept on reading. But, I had to set it aside and shut the computer down.

After I finish the book, I will post a review here and on Amazon. Plus, Lisa has asked for a pic of me reading the book. I will try and do that too.

In other news, it is darn cold here this morning and the Duke and I are not walking. I woke up cold. It is really cold outside. I'm walking after work.

I will have to do some stretching and stuff in the living room to get the blood moving this morning as I just can't quite bring myself to go out in the dark and walk when the thermometer isn't reading at least 32.

I'm a wimp.

Happy Wednesday!!