Thursday, November 7, 2013

fall is here

Brrr. I opened the door to a blast of chilly air. The rain seems to have moved out and fall moved in behind it. I'm ready for it to be brisk and on the cool side, but it reminds me that I never cleaned out my flowerbeds and they are in desperate need of some attention.

I won't be working on them this weekend as the boy has his fourth speech/debate competition and I told the hubby that I'd take him to this one. He's gone to the last two and it is now my turn!

I may be judging and I need to read the judging packet, just in case.

So, today is Thursday and I'm looking forward to our three day weekend as we have Monday off. I have an eye appointment and then I'm hoping to go to lunch with a friend.

Off we go....where did I put my gloves????? Walking the dog will requires some warmer apparel now.

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