Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween y'all

I'm baaaaaaackkkkk.

Charm City is very cool, and I wish I could have actually seen the sights I researched and wrote about. My day was spent inside the convention center and the nights at 'command performance' appearances on three evenings and the other couple I collapsed in my room.

So, no visit to Poe's grave. No visit to the aquarium. No visit to the Inner Harbor.

I did get to eat two very yummy crab cakes, some amazing Italian food in Little Italy, and sample a local microbrew and enjoy my beloved Harp on tap (a real treat).  I also met a ton of people I have emailed with over the past 2.5 years and was invited to the president's penthouse suite for a cocktail party one evening. That was a shindig for her 'closest friends' and I was very pleased to be included as I met a ton of the upcoming leadership in the association.

So, it was a very good trip. It was really hard work for one day and the rest was just work.

I have today off and am back in the office tomorrow.

So, have a great weekend and I should have a few book notes to share come Monday.

See ya later, hon!  (love the Baltimore 'hon' thing...and yes, I heard it more than once.)

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