Thursday, November 14, 2013

Becoming Brigid

I've not been one to post long book reviews on this blog, but if I was more awake and my brain was truly in gear, I'd be tempted to post a lengthy review of Lisa Shafer's "Becoming Brigid."

Lisa is a self published author and teacher who lives out in Utah. I'm not sure how we 'met' on the internet. I think it was through Nathan Bransford's blog. Nathan was a literary agent, once upon a time, and he posted wonderful information for aspiring authors. I found Lisa's comments on his posts to be insightful and funny. She also shares my dislike for all things that sparkle (Twilight) and an appreciation for good YA novels.

I soon began stopping by her blog and she would visit mine as well. I have followed her journey to publish not only this title, but also her Half Vampire books. But, as much as I love vampires, I have really been waiting to get my hands on Brigid. The concept of this book just struck a note with me and I was very excited when she announced that the book was ready to go.

Lisa, hats off to you on "Becoming Brigid." The characters are awesome. They are personable, so very real, and remind me of kids I know. The dialog, such an important part of building a character, is fantastic. I adore Brigid! Her personality rocks and is authentic and natural. The plot is fun and action packed. The adventures Brigid finds herself on are great. No 'saggy middle' in this book. The action is nonstop. Dougal is great and I can truly see why some of your younger readers have a crush on him. What literature loving teens wouldn't swoon over a Celtic god quoting poetry and play lines to them?

I don't want to give too much of the plot away, but the story is one of discovery and self-awareness. It has a very positive message for young women. Brigid has a backbone, a brain, and an attitude. Yippee!! Plus, not all the boys are jerks. Although there is one who is a major jerk, but what happens to him is so perfect...and you can find out more about that if you read the book!

Four stars!!


Lisa Shafer said...

Yea! Thanks so much! So glad you liked it.
(Now can I beg you to copy and paste your review onto amazon and/or goodreads????)

And this counts as another entry into the contests. Thanks for your support.

Liz said...

I liked it a lot! I have posted my review on Amazon and Goodreads for you.

Lisa Shafer said...

You are awesome!

Lisa Shafer said...

The review's showing up on Amazon, but not on goodreads yet.
Still, I have given you yet another entry in the contest. If you can get the review to show up on goodreads, that'll give you 4 entries, more than anyone else so far. :D