Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Well it hit 70 yesterday and today we will see a high of 45? Yikes. I have already located my ear muffs and gloves for our morning walk. I need to find the boy a hat to wear this morning as he came down with an ear infection on Sunday and is now on antibiotics for the next 10 days.

Never a dull moment.

My eye exam yesterday went just fine. She really checked me out as I had let her know I've been seeing more 'floaters' that what I normally see. All is well. Nothing detached, out of place, out of sorts, or wrong. Eye pressure is good. Just getting older; and near sighted eyes with astigmatism have more floaters. Joy. Joy. Joy. The other good news was that I don't need new glasses. This prescription is still spot on. That is worth celebrating as it keeps about $400 in my pocketbook. Whoop!!

I had a lovely lunch with my friend at one of our favorite lunching spots. So good to visit with her and listen to her chat on about her daughter's wedding plans. We need to hang out more often and as soon as football season is over, we will do so on Saturdays.  She is the one friend who stayed with me from the Friends when I went back to work full time.

Off to work I go. Short week ahead. Then a long week. Then an extremely short week as I'm taking two days off before Thanksgiving.

Down to 10 books to go to hit my goal!! I finished that second Aris book last night and up on deck is Lisa's "Becoming Brigid" story. Excited to start it tonight!

Off into Tuesday we go....where is my parka?? At least the temperature drop didn't bring any white stuff with it!


Lisa Shafer said...

My book? Cool! Do make sure to review it and/or send me a pic of you holding it (or holding your ereader with the book cover showing) so I can enter you into my monthly contests.

Congrats about the eyes. That's good news.

Liz said...

Yep, your book! I will leave a review and see about the photo...lol

Lisa Shafer said...