Tuesday, July 16, 2013

shake up

Having a bit of a shake up at work. A director was let go yesterday, his department reassigned to another director, and his committees given to other employees. I received one of his committees, so now I am the staff liaison to the group of folks I worked with during the annual board meeting back in June. I was also told I probably had more knowledge about politics, government, and legislation than the entire committee.


Okay, I will take this "opportunity to excel" and run with it. I don't think the shake up is over. I think more folks will be leaving before year end. Most likely a few of the workers from the department this guy was in charge of will not like the new leadership and will retire, change jobs, or be let go.

Downsizing is happening. It had to. Since NIH is cutting funding to research facilities across the country, it has finally trickled down to impact our association.

Let the games begin.

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