Thursday, July 11, 2013

indulgence anita style

I splurged yesterday and ordered the latest Laurell K Hamilton book for my Nook. Yep. Cost me about $5.50 after I used up what was left of a gift card I earned by doing a social media vendor tutorial last fall.

So, to anyone reading...I could use more Barnes and Noble's money to fund my reading addiction. lol

The reviews on this latest "Anita" book have been good. Lots of comments saying that readers are so very glad the book has a plot, a mystery to solve, and old school Anita action! Hamilton has been publishing Anita stories for 20 years now.

TWENTY YEARS! I hope that freaked her out as much as it did me when I realized just how long ago it was when I first started reading these stories.

It is Thursday, thank goodness. Today should fly by as I'm going to begin layout for the September issue of the magazine. I worked on preloading social media content all day yesterday. Something that should be quick and easy has become quite a job due to the way we are  now keeping track of just what I am putting up and where it is being put....ha ha. My days of using a simple Excel sheet to track content are coming to an end and I'm now using Filemaker as well. Easy to pull reports from, my dear. Sure. Sure.

Got to run...or rather, walk. The dog is waiting, leash at his side.

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