Wednesday, July 10, 2013

count me in

Three of us went and voted yesterday. There is only one item on the ballot, the creation of our own municipal school district. We all voted YES!

Turnout has been rather sluggish as folks are weary of this whole thing, it is July, it is blazing hot, and a whole host of other reasons. I'm sure it will pass; every day another dysfunctional policy/change leaks out from the unified district.

In other news, our small town has had TWO armed robberies this summer. This is rather extraordinary for our Ville. The first was three local young adults who robbed a couple walking on the greenbelt. They were caught before they even made the park's parking lot. The latest was two men from the big city who stole a car and robbed a man at the mall. They were also caught within a short while and are now sitting in the clink with a $5 million bond on each of them.

Not sure what is going on with all that crazy, but the local police have been Johnny-on-the-spot in catching these idiots.

So, it is Hump Day!! Yeah!! The week can't end soon enough. Ugh. Too many grouchy people at work. Why is it that after a holiday weekend, the grouch factor goes up by 10?

Off I go!

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