Wednesday, July 31, 2013

registered and ready to roll

The registration process was painless. Went to the varsity gym, showed our proof of residence, checked a form for accuracy and got his updated schedule. Then we were off to get his bus route info. Then we walked the halls and made sure he had a basic idea of where his classrooms are. Talked to a few teachers who know the girls and came on home. Easy peasy.

Then the reality of it all began to hit. He is starting high school! Wow. Ugh. Yikes. He has an ice cream social to attend tonight for the speech and debate team. The teacher in charge of that group and the forensics classes called to invite him. The gentleman also is in charge of the entire TV production "gang" at the school. I hope the boy finds his spot with this group of kids. They are tight knit and are quite successful.

The oldest is in the throes of packing and finishing her crafts. The middle is in the midst of squeezing every last minute of friend time out of each day before they all begin to head away for the first time.

Off we go. I won't be blogging tomorrow as we are heading out very early in the morning.

Enjoy the weekend.

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