Tuesday, July 23, 2013

movie night

Hubby was home early from work and we were able to sit down and watch a movie last night. Didn't want to watch anything to deep or thoughtful, so we wound up seeing "The Bourne Legacy." Decent action film! Didn't hurt it that Jeremy Renner was the main super spy.

I read all of the Bourne books back in high school. Ludlum was and is still one of the best at that genre.

The DVR has several other movies taped at the moment. Up next is "Beasts of the Southern Wilds" and "Moonrise Kingdom."

Not much else to report here other than it is really sinking in that the oldest heads back to school in a little over one week. She has some crafting to do as she needs to make sorority stuff for her Little Sister to be. We decided to make a hobby store run on Saturday so she can get that going. Thank goodness for Pinterest; great place for inspiration!

The other daughter is building her pile of college stuff in her room. The last few things arrived from Target yesterday. So, now we are down to getting the true essentials on her list. I think we are almost done with the decor stuff.

Hey, Tuesday, here you are. Welcome!

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