Monday, July 15, 2013

perking along

Busy weekend. Busy week ahead.

So, while the coffee pot perks, here is what we did and and what is coming up. Saturday's big event was a cookout at a soccer family's home. They are getting ready to move to the Atlanta area. He is a pilot for Delta and the pilot hub has left our town for Hartsfield. So, off they go! Going to miss them a lot.

Yesterday we ran some errands after church and then just relaxed at home.

It was a fairly quiet weekend, but it sure went fast. I think from now until the girls are off to school, time will really fly by us. All we can do is "perk" along and get ready for the next event.

The boy attends Freshmen Frenzy Thursday and Friday of this week at the high school. He has completed one of his essays for English and he's completed a first draft of the other. He realized he had some more Geometry to do, so that is up next.

The oldest's bff is home from NYC. She could only come home for 2 weeks this summer as she is working 2 jobs to pay her rent.

Here's Monday and the work week should be a busy one. Magazine stuff, national meeting stuff, final program stuff. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Off we go.

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