Thursday, March 21, 2013


Today is my birthday! I've already had a call from my Mom and Dad. I also heard from my best friend. Facebook is lighting up with best wishes from folks around the country, family and friends alike.

Birthdays are fun. I've never understood why some folks dread them or don't want to share just how many they have celebrated. It is way better than the alternative, right?

And there is basketball on today. What could be better? Birthday treats and basketball games. Perfect!

Hubby is going to cook dinner for us tonight. Steak and all the fixings. I went out to lunch yesterday with my crew from work. One of them works a half day today, so we celebrated early. But, I bet we have coffee and donuts this morning. I heard them scheming yesterday!

So, it is all good. Turning 48 isn't too bad.

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Kim Smith said...

happy birthday Liz!! I hope you get 48 wishes granted :) and 48 more to ponder !