Monday, March 25, 2013

randomness abounds

Okay, here we go. I'm diving into this shortened work week. I am taking a few days off starting Wednesday and I can't wait!!

The basketball this weekend was so fun! IU about gave me a heart attack by barely beating Temple, but they won and that is all that matters. How about that Florida Gulf Coast team? First 15 seed to ever make it to the Sweet Sixteen. Wow.

Speaking of sports, our coed rec team won their home opener 3-0.  Two girls scored!! Abbey was one of them!! The ladies looked awesome and the boys on the other team just didn't quite know what had hit them. But the best part is what happened before the game. I guess the opposing team's coach made a comment to our coach that he noticed how many girls we had on our team and he was sorry about that as he only had 4 girls on his team. Our coach assured it that it would be just fine, our girls had played before.

LOLOLOLOL.  Wonder what that coach thought when one of our girls launched one from the top of the 18 and it curled neatly in under the post. Wonder what he thought when our girl crashed the goal and tapped one in right in front of his goalie. Way to go Abbey!! LOLOLOL.

I think the word may get out now that you don't want to mess with these girls and the boys on their team.

The oldest made it home and it is so nice to have her here. I think she is taking lunch to her sister today and visiting some teachers at the high school.

In other news, I have a library board meeting tomorrow night. I need to print the packet and read it.

Our school merger debacle is getting really crazy now. I actually wrote the board last night. Not that it will do a lot of good, but I was pretty steamed and needed to vent.  They are voting on two policy changes. One will allow the administration to transfer students across attendance zones. They were advised to freeze zones for 2 years to let the dust settle first before they started shuffling students around. The second is a real can of worms. They are voting to allow the district to confiscate money, materials etc from the booster clubs, PTAs,  buildings etc. Yep. So if a PTA does a fundraiser for their school, that money can be taken and put in the district's money pot. I'm not quite sure how that can be legal in regards to many of the booster clubs. The soccer boosters are a 501. 3 c.

Things are going to start to get very interesting. I think they may have just stirred the sleeping giant. I continue to hope that our state government will strike down the silly law that prevents municipal school districts in the state.

Or we may need to look at private schools for the boy. Already they haven't posted the summer work for the AP/Honors classes. Never been delayed this long before. If they are shuffling kids and taking money, the big teacher shuffle won't be far behind.


Monday, here I come. Ready or not!

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