Thursday, March 14, 2013

home again, home again

Jiggity, jig!

OMG, is it wonderful to be back home. San Antonio is a neat city. The River Walk is pretty cool. The people are nice. The convention for the toxicologists was good. I met tons of nice people. Most were interesting. At last count, I chatted with attendees/vendors from 17 different countries. It was a very good experience.

I don't know how folks do that sort of thing for a job. I would not want to travel from convention to convention for a company and sit/stand in a booth all day chatting up visitors. I can only plaster the happy, smiling, friendly, vivacious, 'on' personality on my face for about 1.5 days. After that, I'm toast.

I'm pretty tired. We got home from the airport about 11:00. No extra time off today, I'm expected to be in at 7:30.

So, I need some food and more coffee.  Maybe next week I can recap some of the more interesting things I saw and did.

Happy Thursday.

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