Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I love watching the Big Dance. Tournament time is probably my favorite sporting event 'season' of the year, except when my girls were playing soccer.

Our work environment is pretty laid back, but sometimes they just need a nudge to have a bit more fun at the office. So, I took it upon myself to print off 6 brackets and told the other 5 folks in our department (communications/IT) that they needed to pick their teams. It was ON!

Of course, the IT guy had to run the 'numbers' before he gave me his sheet. I just laughed and told him I went by pure gut instinct. A perfect illustration of why he programs computers and I post silly stuff on social media to promote our association.

I will have to update our sheets this morning when I get to work. And let everyone know how they are doing so far. This should make for a fun couple of weeks. My boss told us we should all put in $5 and the winner has to use the money to defray the cost of all of us going out to lunch.  They loved that idea. We do love to eat there!

Okay, off to check scores and see what is what. In other news, I talked with the oldest yesterday and she has quite the shopping list for us to procure while she is home. I guess the joys of sorority rush continue to impact my checkbook as she needs certain things for August that she currently doesn't own. Thank goodness it is all stuff that is pretty practical and very usable. No feather boas or crazy colors. Tan wedges. No prob. Black shorts. No prob. We can do this.

However, we will NOT be taking the younger daughter with us. She always manages to con me into buying stuff for her when we are shopping for her sister. I know, I know, I'm a push over. But, she always looks so darn cute...and she always puts up a good argument for why she has to have that dress, shirt, skirt, shoes, shorts, lipstick, etc....

Basketball and sorority rush. It is going to be an interesting spring break!

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