Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a stew of reviews

The dystopian novel goes fae….and it works. Here’s the gist, the fae and humans have a war that destroys life as we know it. Fae magic now lives in our world and manifests in the children born after the war. Some of these children are embraced, but for 15 year old Liza, her blossoming faery abilities mean she must leave her home and try and find the mother who abandoned her years earlier due to horrific circumstances.  "Bones of Faerie" is Janni Lee Simner’s first YA novel. I really enjoyed it. A second novel in this series is also available and I hope our e-Library adds that title soon.  Good stuff.

“To Walk the Night” by E.S. Moore gives us a guy writing a female vampire protag who hunts and kills other vamps and werewolves. Hmmmm. Think there is a movie franchise similar to this. It was okay. I really wanted to like it, but it just didn’t hit the right notes with me. I ended up skimming it in an afternoon and returned it to the e-Library lickety split so I could find another title to borrow.

“The Mating” by Nicky Charles is a self-published freebie I found on B&N. It had a boatload of reviews, so I gave it a whirl. It was okay. Not great, but okay. Here’s the gist: the new alpha wolf needs a mate, so he goes to the territory next door and claims the neighboring alpha’s daughter.  Cue the typical plot conflicts and you have this story: sibling misunderstanding, romantic jealousy, a bitchy (no pun intended) ex-girlfriend, supportive new pack members and of course ‘steamy’ sex scenes.  I’m going to take a glance at the other freebies from Charles to see if her later books are a bit more polished. 


Lisa Shafer said...

I'll have to look into this.

Liz said...

I'd be interested in your thoughts on Simner's novel.