Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dru, the anti Bella

For those girls like my daughters who'd like to slap some sense into Bella S, Lili St. Crow has written a series of five books featuring a heroine named Dru Anderson. Dru's final adventure is captured in "Reckoning," the fifth title in the Strange Angels series.

Now, be warned, Lili St. Crow is not a writer for the faint of heart. She specializes in creating characters who thrive in grit, danger, mayhem, and major in kicking ass. These are most assuredly NOT books for middle school readers, unless Mom or Dad has read them first and signs off. My former middle school self would have loved them, but my parents never censored what I read.

I adored the ending of this series and wanted to leap off the couch and pump my fist in the air. A happy ending does not require wedding bells, babies or even a boyfriend. Another St. Crow trademark: the woman knows when to wrap it up. Nothing worse than a series that goes on and on and should have concluded several books sooner.

I'm not going to attempt to recap this novel or review this series. I've made comments on the other titles and if you read those it is pretty obvious I'm a big fan of St. Crow's. So, if you are looking for YA urban fantasy, with an edge, a bite and a growl....check out this series. And when you are older....check out Lilith Saintcrow's other titles.