Thursday, January 26, 2012

the bet

My boss is a Big Ten grad. So am I. It was going to happen; our basketball teams face off tonight, at his alma mater, for their first match-up of this season.

Being the Big Ten fans that we are, we had to have a wager on the outcome of tonight's game. The winner is treated to lunch, with the caveat that if my boss' team wins, we can't have any 'ethnic' food. He's a bit of a picky eater, which I already knew, as I had him over for dinner back in the fall.

So, I said fine...but lunch has to be better than Sonic yet not as 'fancy' as Longhorn.  I'm thinking Newk's! Hmmm...what shall I order? I'm already noodling this over as I know my Hoosiers will triumph. Or at least I really hope they will as he will never let me forget if the Badgers beat them!

Thursday is here. Wow. The week went too fast and I have tons of things to do around here this morning and then after I get home from work. Company is coming tonight and then again on Sunday night. We've marshaled our forces and have a plan of attack. Let's hope it all comes together and we can get done what needs doing.

I'm back to reading the George R.R. Martin book. It disappeared from my Nook after the two week lending period was over, but I finally was able to check it out again and hope to finish the last 300 pages this weekend.

Liz, over and out.
Go IU, Fight, Fight, Fight!!!!!!!!

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