Thursday, January 19, 2012

the ball is rolling

Big meeting tonight for our fair town. The feasibility study conducted by the consultants hired to determine whether or not we could create our own municipal school district and leave the county wide system is now complete.

The ball is rolling.

All two hundred pages of it are available online. No, I haven't read it yet, but I did skim the table of contents. Of course the big city newspaper is having a field day with this. Lots of articles over the past week and two big ones in today's edition, front page, above the fold.

Our vet, great guy, seems to have taken this opportunity to become a force for change in our community and gather like minded folks together in hopes that if/when our town does this, it is done right. He's young, owns a business and has small children. He is a stakeholder.

I hope tonight that a lot of other stakeholders are there for this meeting and our local government gets the reassurance they need to take the opportunity and run with it.


Lisa Shafer said...

So, you're convinced it'll be a good thing?
I've always lived in a city, so I've never been through anything like this personally.

Liz said...

When the merger happens, the district would be 150K students strong. Too big to be effective in my mind. I grew up in a region of the country where every town had its own school system. This county wide concept, centered around a major metro area is beyond me. Lots of local politics are involved in this, city vs. county vs municipal. It is a mess and considering that, leaving the mess and starting fresh may be the best course of action. I'm sure I will be blogging on this a lot in the months to come.