Monday, January 30, 2012

games, thrones and other topics

I finished the most recent George R.R. Martin mega book, "A Dance with Dragons." This is the 5th book in his "A Song of Fire and Ice" series. Trying to review this book as a stand alone title is impossible. You really have to review it as a part of the whole. And the whole is so big, complex and filled with so many characters and plots that it is had to explain other than to say this is Epic Fantasy. Good Stuff.

My Nook has several more books on it now, two more from the library and a couple of freebies from B&N. Plenty of reading for me in the days ahead. I also need to download a title my folks suggested.

Downton Abbey continues to be the highlight of my Sunday nights. Love it. Thank goodness for PBS and Masterpiece Theater, excellent television we can all watch.

On Friday I had lunch with a library friend and then we went to see "One for the Money." The audience was filled with fans of the books, and we had a few chuckles, but I'm afraid the movie isn't that good. Cute in spots, but overall, it didn't work well. Definitely not enough screen time for Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur.

We did see the long trailer for "The Hunger Games" and have already made plans to see that in a few months.

It is Monday and the work week must begin. Enjoy your day.

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