Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Looks like day three of gray skies and rainy weather. Ugh. I'm up to page 315 with my latest Nook book. Only 775 pages to go! Good thing we have a four day weekend ahead of us.

Hubby and I wanted to attend a meeting last night regarding the forced consolidation of the county and city school systems. His client meeting ran over, by quite a bit, and we weren't able to attend. I've already read a couple of comments on facebook about it and plan on reading the newspaper article in a moment.  But, I did learn, that our town is having a meeting about creating their own municipal district next Thursday. Thank Goodness the girls will be graduated and out of this mess, but I have major concerns for the boy. Think I will note that meeting on the calendar and plan on attending.

Okay, happy Wednesday...rainy or not, it is all we've got!

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